List of important dates in August

August 1

19XX Producer Edley is born.

1838 Jamaican slavery emancipated (Emancipation Day in Jamaica)

Emancipation Day had ceased to be a holiday in Jamaica when the country gained independence, but it was re-established 1997 after it was enacted by law.

1990 UB40 is deported from the Seychelles after police discover marijuana in their hotel room. They choose deportation over the other option, a mandatory three-year jail term. The band will later claim that the drug bust is a set-up.

1992 UB40 makes a rare hometown appearance at Birmingham's Cofton Park.

August 2

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August 3

1929 Emile Berliner, inventor who developed the world's first flat-disk record player, passed away in Washington, D.C., USA (age 78).

1964 Lucky Dube is born in Ermelo, a town near Johannesburg, Eastern Transvaal, South Africa.

19XX Bay-C (Roshaun Clarke) (T.O.K.) is born.

1997 Lauryn Hill gives birth to Zion. Zion's father is Rohan Marley, a son of Bob and Rita. Some media reported that Zion's father is Stephen Marley, but it may be false.

August 4

1957 Dean Ivanhoe Fraser [809; saxophone] is born in central downtown Kingston district of Jones Town.

1974 Singer Ghost (Carlton Hylton) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1999 Janet Kay guests on Japan TV-Asahi's News Station performing "Loving You" and "Celebrate Life" with her husband.

August 5

1998 Buju Banton has lost his gold cross charm that was being put on the stage of his Yokohama Bay Hall concert in Japan.

August 6

1947 Dennis Alcapone (Dennis Smith) is born in Clarendon, Jamaica.

1962 Jamaica becomes an independent dominion within the British Commonwealth.

An event celebrated by Lord Creator's "Independent Jamaica", Derrick Morgan's "Forward March" and Jimmy Cliff's "Miss Jamaica".

1977 Sir Alexander Bustamante, the first Prime Minister of Jamaica, passes away (age 93).

1982 Spice (Grace Latoya Hamilton) is born in St. Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

2003 Jimmy Cliff is awarded the Order of Merit (O.M.), Jamaica's third highest honour.

August 7

1962 The first session of Jamaica's new Parliament is convened at Gordon House in Kingston.

1962 Nick Danger [Wackies Rhythm Force; keyboards/vocals] is born in New York, USA.

1963 DJ Screechy Dan (Robert Stevens) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

August 8

1956 Willie One Blood (William Harbour, Jr.) is born in New York, USA.

1958 Christopher John "Chris" Foreman a.k.a. Chrissy Boy [Madness] is born in St Pancras, London, England

1993 UB40's single "Can't Help Falling In Love" [Virgin] is certified Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

August 9

1987 DJ Major Worries a.k.a. Wayne Jones is shot to death by a policeman in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Two years after, the policeman was sentenced to death by hanging.

2005 Michael Leopold 'Zappow' Williams passes away (of natural causes).

August 10

1965 DJ Tuffest is born in St. Thomas, Jamaica.

August 11

19XX Musician/producer Chris Meredith is born.

1962 The ninth Central American and Caribbean Games ware held at the National Stadium.

Jamaica winning gold, silver and bronze medals.

1997 Skatalites' "Ball of Fire" is released in Europe on Island Jazz Jamaica. (U.S. release date: January 1998)

August 12

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August 13

1970 DJ Red Fox (Gareth Shelton) is born in St. Catherine, Jamaica.

August 14

1946 Vivian "Yabby You" Jackson is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1969 Thriller U (Eustace Hamilton) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

August 15

1966 Tatsuyuki Aoki [Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra; drums] is born in Tokyo, Japan.

1969 The Woodstock Music and Art Fair begins on Max Yasgur's farm in Bethel, New York.

1992 Wilfred Edwards a.k.a. Jackie Edwards passes away, Jamaica.

August 16

2008 Johnny 'Dizzy' Moore, Trumpeter for Skatalites, passes away, dies of cancer, Jamaica (Age 70).

August 17

1887 Marcus Garvey is born in St. Ann, Jamaica.

1943 Michael Leopold 'Zappow' Williams is born.

1983 Mikey Smith passes away, Stony Hill, Jamaica.

August 18

19XX Musician/producer Dalton Browne is born.

1965 Wycliffe 'Steely' Johnson [& Clevie] is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

August 19

1940 Johnny Nash is born in Houston, USA.

1964 DJ Wickerman (David Taylor) is born in Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

2006 Joseph Hill, lead vocalist of reggae group Culture, dies while on tour in Berlin, Germany (Age 57).

August 20

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August 21

1935 Lord Creator (Kentrick Patrick) is born in Trinidad.

1943 Lloyd 'Judge' Ferguson (Mighty Diamonds) is born.

August 22

1968 I Jah Bones (Ronald St. John Thomas) is born.

1973 Beenie Man (Moses Davis) is born in Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica.

2006 Beenie Man and D'Angel get married.

August 23

1941 Bunny Lee a.k.a. Striker (Edward O'Sullivan Lee) is born in Jamaica.

1955 Eric 'Bingy Bunny' Lamont (Roots Radics; guitar/vocal) is born.

1967 Cedella Marley (Melody Makers) is born as the second daughter of Bob and Rita.

1998 Kymani Marley is arrested and taken into custody in Miami. The police say Kymani was arrested and charged with two counts of cocaine possession, one count of cannabis possession and trespassing on property.

2017 Winston Samuels passes away, (Age 75).

August 24

1952 Dub poet Linton Kwesi Johnson is born in Chapelton, a small town in the rural parish of Clarendon, Jamaica.

1959 Cleveland Browne a.k.a. Clevie [Steely &] is born.

1961 Mark "Bedders" Bedford [Madness] is born in London, England.

1969 Johnny Osbourne escapes from dangerous Jamaica and emigrates to Tronto, Canada to join his family.

He had just completed his first album "Come Back Darling" on this morning. But album cover photo was not prepared yet. So the cover photo of "Come Back Darling" was taken when he was just boarding Air Jamaica. He returned to Jamaica in 1979.

2017 Larry Marshall passes away, (Age 75).

August 25

1958 Singer Junior Delgado (Oscar Hibbert) is born in West Kingston, Jamaica.

1963 Singer Echo Minott (Noel Phillips) is born.

August 26

1964 Ras Leon is born in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

1975 H.I.M. Haile Selassie I passes away in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Age 83).

Bob Marley recorded "Jah Live" at Harry J's Recording Studio at 10 Roosevelt Avenue in Kingston on a September night. Within a week, "Jah Live" was in every record store in Kingston. Now this single also can be heard on a boxset "Songs of Freedom". Marley performed "Jah Live" on stage of the "One Love Peace Concert" on April 22, 1978, "Sellasie I live!"

1996 Cecil Wellington a.k.a. Nicodemus passes away (Age 39).

At 7:45 a.m. on this day, he dies of complications of diabeties at Queens County Hospital in Queens, New York, USA.

August 27

19XX Alvin Ewen (Steel Pulse (1983-2005); bass) is born in Birmingham.

1991 Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers' album "Conscious Party" [Virgin] is certified Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

August 28

1955 Beres Hammond (Hugh Beresford Hammond) is born in Annotto Bay, Jamaica.

1967 Paul Herbert Kastic [809/Big Mountain; drums] is born.

August 29

1978 Singer Kashief Lindo is born as the son of Wilbert Lindo a.k.a. Willie Lindo, guitarist and producer, in Kingston, Jamaica.

1995 Shaggy's single "Boombastic" [Virgin] is certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

1997 PolyGram chief Alain Levy writes Chris Blackwell a letter suggesting that he consider resigning from the board of directors.

Two months later, Blackwell wrote Levy a letter, in essence agreeing.

August 30

1964 DJ Nigger Mikey is born in St. Ann, Jamaica.

1997 UB40's "Tell Me Is It True", featured in the movie "Speed 2 - Cruise Control", bows at its U.K. #14 peak.

August 31

1954 Al Campbell (Adelin Alfonso Campbell) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1985 "I Got You Babe" by UB40 and Chrissie Hynde peaks at No. 1 on the U.K. pop singles chart.