lista de fechas importantes en este mes

January 1

1946 Albert Griffiths (Gladiators) is born in the rural parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

1951 DJ Scotty (David Scott) is born in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

1953 Alpha Blondy (Seydou Kone) is born at Dimbokro in Ivory Coast.

19XX Flexx (Xavier Davidson) (T.O.K.) is born in Portmore, Jamaica.

1990 A riot broke out at a stage show "Regal Rock" which was set for Addison Park, Brown's Town in St. Ann, Jamaica.

Patrons attending the show rained bottles and stones on the stage at 11:10 p.m. causing the police to fire shots in the air. At the end of it all, scores of people ware injured from bottles and stones, at least three ware shot and wounded. The selector for Marathon Disco, Thomas Brown had a bottle shattered in his face and was taken to the Spanish Town Hospital for treatment. DJ Sister Charmaine had a bottle which had crashed through the car window she tried leave in, smash into her forearm as she tried to protect her face. All this because the advertised backing band Sagittarius was late in getting to the venue from another gig in Kingston.

January 2

1962 DJ Sister Nancy, a.k.a. Muma Nancy (Ophlin Russell) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1965 Don Drummond kills his girlfriend (common-law wife), an exotic rhumba dancer and singer Anita "Marguerita" Mahfood, and is in custody.

1991 Funeral for Jackie Mittoo (Donat Roy Mittoo), passed away December 16th, is held at the National Arena in Kingston, Jamaica.

A memorial concert was held in same time. Vin Gordon, Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace, Glen 'Bagga' Fagan, Pablo Black, Robert Lynn, Michael 'Ibo' Cooper, Ken Boothe, Delroy Wilson, Carlene Davis, Tinga Stewart and others gave memorial performance. Hortense Ellis, Tinga Stewart, Desmond "Desi Roots" Young, Ruddy Thomas, Tommy Cowan, Clement "Coxsone" Dodd and others attend the funeral.

January 3

1957 Joseph Cotton a.k.a. Jah Walton (Silbert Walton) is born in St. Ann, Jamaica.

1958 Jamaica becomes a founding member of the West Indies Federation, a group of Caribbean islands that formed a unit within the Commonwealth of Nations.

1991 Final service for Donat Roy Mittoo aka Jackie Mittoo (d. December 16) in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

January 4

1991 Some burglars broke into the Penthouse Studio in Kingston in early morning or previous night.

Three gold discs including Freddie McGregor's "Just Don't Wanna Be Lonly", Cutty Ranks' attache case containing cash, and microphone ware stolen.

January 5

1947 Winston "Delano" Stewart (Gaylads) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

January 6

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January 7

1953 Earl "Wire" Lindo (sometimes referred to as "Wya") is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

January 8

1975 Sean Paul (Sean Paul Henriques) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1999 Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley and common-law husband of Lauryn Hill, is pulled from a burning car by New York police.

Rohan, who was waiting for Lauryn to leave a recording studio, was asleep in the car when an electrical malfunction started the fire and prevented him from opening automatic windows and door locks; police broke a window and pulled him from the vehicle. Rohan was treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation and released.

January 9

2001 Shaggy's album "Hot Shot" [MCA] is certified Multi (2.0) Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

January 10

1949 RCA Victor announces a new 7-inch, 45 rpm phonograph record.

1968 Singer John Mouse is born in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

1969 Floyd Smith a.k.a. Aaron Silk, singer, Garnet Silk's younger brother, is born in a quiet town of Downs in Manchester, Jamaica.

1981 Jagwa (Vernon Spencer) is born.

January 11

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January 12

1931 Rolando Alphonso a.k.a. "The Chief Musician" is born in Havana, Cuba.

1955 Singer Johnny Clarke is born in Whitfield Town, Kingston, Jamaica.

1973 DJ, singer Macka Diamond (Charmaine Munroe) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

January 13

1943 Boris Gardiner is born in the Rollington Town area of Kingston, Jamaica.

1945 Karl Anthony, radio DJ and MC, is born.

1972 Singer Sharona White is born in Birmingham, England.

1993 A strong earthquake (mag. 5.1) strikes Kingston.

It occurred at 12:11 p.m. Two lives ware lost from shock and falling rocks. There was a man who prophesied that earthquake. A prophet of Nyabinghi (Rastafarian) who had been arrested for swindle implored the court "Please hurry up judgement. Earthquake will soon come," but they laughed off it. 15 minutes after that, the court was thrown into a panic.

January 14

1950 Michael 'Ibo' Cooper (Inner Circle/Third World; keyboards) is born in Clarendon, Jamaica.

1967 Singer Brian [& Tony Gold] (Brian Thompson) is born in Birmingham, England.

1972 Emperor (Hopton Lawrence) is born in Whithorn, Westmoreland, Jamaica.

1974 L A Lewis (Horace Lewis) is born in Trench Town.

2000 Ini Kamoze and Sizzla have a road crash in Los Angels.

At about 3 p.m., Kamoze's Lexus LX470 had a collision with another vehicle. Also in the vehicle were producer Phillip "Fattis" Burrell and lighting engineer Scott Brinson. The vehicle was badly damaged but the four men suffered only minor injuries.

2000 Hartnel Henry aka Sky High, the MC for Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers, has filed a federal brutality lawsuit against police, claiming an officer roughed him up and broke his leg outside the city's House of Blues in August.

January 15

1956 Junior George Chin a.k.a. 'Chico' (trumpet) is born in Jamaica.

1956 Yellowman (Christian Winston Foster) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1959 Musician/producer Sidney Mills is born in United Kingdom.

1959 DJ Sister Carol (Carol Theresa East) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1962 Tony Rebel (Patrick George Anthony Barrett) is born in Manchester, Jamaica.

2004 Beenie Man is involved in a single-car accident and is injured.

He was driving by himself from his home in Kingston to Mandeville where he was due to perform that evening.

January 16

1965 Ricky Trooper (Garfield McKoy) (Killamanjaro; selector) is born in St. Mary, Jamaica.

1991 UB40's single "The Way You Do The Things You Do" [Virgin] is certified Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

2011 Buju Banton performs to a sold-out audience at a specially arranged fund-raising concert held at the Bayfront Park Amphitheatre in downtown Miami.

January 17

1958 Janet Kay (Janet Kay Bogle) is born in North West London, England.

1966 Shabba Ranks (Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon) is born in St. Ann, Jamaica.

1978 Red Rat (Wallace Wilson) is born in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica.

January 18

1968 Rayvon (Bruce Alexander Michael Brewster) is born in Barbados.

1994 DJ Tiger has a traffic accident and is seriously injured.

At 12:15, his morterbike ran smashed into an official vehicle of U.S. embassy in front of Devon House in Hope Road. Some radio broadcasting carried false report that he died.

January 19

1957 Michael "Mickey" Virtue (UB40; keybords) is born in Birmingham, England.

1965 Deborahe Glasgow is born in London, England.

1994 Bob Marley, John Lennon, Rod Stewart, The Grateful Dead, The Animals, The Band, Duane Eddy, and Elton John are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

January 20

1958 Adrian Maxwell Sherwood record producer specializing in dub, born in London, England.

1993 Shabba Ranks' album "X-tra Naked" [Epic] is certified Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

2005 Popular dance hall dancer Bogle (Gerald Levy) a.k.a. Bogle Dancer, Mr Bogle, Father Bogle, and Mr Wackyshot, dead along Constant Spring Road in St. Andrew.

January 21

1967 Tsuyoshi Kawakami (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra; bass) is born in Tokyo, Japan.

1980 Lee "Scratch" Perry expresses his opinion to Japan's minister of justice over the case which Paul McCartney is being jailed in Tokyo for marijuana possession.

"Please do not consider the amount of herbs involved excessive. Master PAUL McCARTNEY's intensions are positive.", BABY BLUE GREEN STAR PIPECOCK JACKSON LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY BANANA EYE I PEN JA NATURES LOVE DEFENDER said.

January 22

1946 Sydney Wolfe or Sidney Wolf (Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Augustus Pablo, Pablo Moses, Ijahman Levi, Don Carlos, etc; percussionist) is born.

1949 Joseph Hill a.k.a. Keeper of Zion Gate (Culture) is born in Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

January 23

1959 Earl Acton Falconer (UB40; Bass, Vocals) is born in Birmingham, England.

1973 James Eduardo McWhinney (Big Mountain) is born.

1999 Prince Lincoln Thompson passes away (died from cancer, aged 49) in St. Bart's Hospital, London, England.

January 24

1966 Ninjaman a.k.a. Don Gorgon (Desmond John Ballentine) is born in Saint Mary Parish, Jamaica.

1978 Da'Ville (Orville Thomas) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

January 25

1952 Timothy White writer, journalist and author of Catch a Fire: The Life of Bob Marley, is born in Paterson, N.J.

1989 UB40's single "Red Red Wine" [A&M] is certified Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

1994 Deborahe Glasgow passes away (dies of a brain hemorrhage, aged 29).

January 26

19XX Gamo (Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra; tenor sax) is born in Hokkaido, Japan.

1955 Gary Crosby (Jazz Jamaica; leader/w.bass) is born in London, UK.

1958 Norman (Lamont) Hassan [UB40; percussions/trombone] is born in Birmingham, England.

1962 Emanuel Walsh (P.J Band; drums) is born in St. Mary, Jamaica.

1970 Neville Hinds' "London Bridge" and The Linkers' "Say Say" are recorded for Lloyd Daley, The Matador.

January 27

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January 28

1941 King Tubby (Osbourne Ruddock) Dub master is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1971 The Jesters record "Cholera" for Lloyd Daley, The Matador.

1990 Sandora Jones a.k.a. Puma Jones (Black Uhuru) passes away in New York (aged 36).

January 29

19XX Harry ´T´ Powell (Mighty Diamonds, Earl Chinna Smith, Donovan Joseph, Jimmy Cliff, Damian Marley; Percussionist) is born.

1949 Leroy Sibbles (Heptones) is born in Jamaica.

2001 Beenie Man (Moses Davis) appears in the Half-Way-Tree Criminal Court on assault charges.

2006 Brent Gayford Dowe, lead singer and a founder member of the Melodians, passes away (dies of a heart attack, age 59) at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

January 30

1991 Maxi Priest's album "Bonafide" [Charisma] is certified Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

1992 Shabba Ranks' album "As Raw As Ever" [Epic] is certified Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

2001 Shaggy's album "Hot Shot" [MCA] is certified Multi (3.0) Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

January 31

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