List of important dates in September

September 1

1987 Emile Berliner files for a patent for his invention of the lateral-cut, flat-disk "gramophone"; it will be granted on September 26.

1938 Alton Ellis (Alton Nehemiah Ellis) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1993 Copyright Law introduced into Jamaica.

September 2

1969 The Wailing Souls record "Gold Digger" for Lloyd Daley, The Matador.

However, relations between the artists and the producer were poor, and "Gold Digger" remained The Wailing Souls' one and only effort for Matador.

1969 Norman Washington Manley, one of Jamaica's founding fathers, passes away (Age 76).

1982 Bling Dawg a.k.a. Ricky Rudie (Marlon Ricardo Williams) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1993 UB40 guests on NBC-TV's "The Tonight Show", near the end of a five-week North American tour, before returning to the U.K. to embark on another European trek.

September 3

1944 Harris Lloyd "B.B." Seaton a.k.a. Bibby (Gaylads) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1959 Singer Cocoa Tea (Calvin George Scott) is born in Rocky Pint, Clarendon, Jamaica.

1962 DJ James Bond (Floyd Brown) is born in Spanish Town, Kingston, Jamaica.

1983 "Red Red Wine" by UB40 peaks at No. 1 on the U.K. pop singles chart, and will stay in pole position for three weeks. The song is their first U.K. No. 1 hit.

September 4

1962 Dub poet Yasus Afari is born in Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica.

1998 Echo Minott is arrested and charged with robbery with aggravation and illegal possession of a firearm.

September 5

1960 Karen Smith is born.

1966 Yuichi Oki [Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra; keyboards] is born in Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

September 6

1996 Funeral for Cecil Wellington aka Nicodemus, passed away August 26th, is held.

September 7

1961 Masahiko Kitahara [Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra; trombone] is born in Yokohama, Japan.

1975 Emcee Nuffy (Andrew Nelson) is born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

1996 A memorial dance for Nicodemus (d. August 26 in N.Y.) at the Culture Club, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

2002 DJ Galaxy P is shot and injured by gunmen who entered his house in Portmore.

September 8

1960 David Steele [(English) Beat; bass] is born in Birmingham, England.

1961 Professor Nuts (Carl Wellington) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1964 DJ Ken Serious (Kenton Matthews) is born in Pratville, Manchester, Jamaica.

1971 Riche Spice (Richell Bonner) is born in Saint Andrew Parish, Jamaica.

1974 Eric Clapton's "I Shot The Sheriff", a remake of Bob Marley's song, reaches No. 1 Billboard Pop Hit.

1988 UB40's album "Labour Of Love" [A&M] is certified Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

September 9

1962 Carlton "Bubbler" Ogilvie, musician, producer, is born in England.

1996 The body of Cecil Wellington aka Nicodemus (d. August 26) is transported to Jamaica and entombed.

2000 Max Romeo and his backing band, the Robotics, ere in a fatal car crash near Orleans, France.

Keyboard player Victor Cross died in the accident, and bandmember Jerry Lions was injured. Romeo was reportedly unhurt.

September 10

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September 11

1957 Terry Ganzie (Vandorne Johnson) is born in Askenish, Hanover.

1962 Jamaica is admitted to the United Nations.

1987 Winston Hubert McIntosh aka Peter Tosh and two others are shot and killed in Peter's home in Kingston, Jamaica. Peter was 42. (b. October 19, 1944)

The police say Peter was shot in the head after he refused to give money to robbers.

September 12

1988 Mighty Diamonds perform in Amsterdam.

The show is recorded and later released as "Live In Europe".

September 13

1964 National Ska Day in Jamaica.

A concert is celebrated where in the poster you can see names like: Prince Buster (The voice of people) Duke Reid (The Trojan), King Edwards (The Giant) and a Spanish selector known as "Ruddy".

In addition to the Drumbago All Stars alongside Eric Monti Morris, Derrick Morgan, Roy Panton, The Maytals, Hortense Ellis, Alton Ellis, Madam Dorene, who is none other than ska queen Doreen Shaffer. Lester Sterling, Roland Alphonso and Count Ossie were also present.

1966 Rohan O'Neil Reid (Big Mountain; bass) is born.

September 14

1954 Dub poet Michael Smith a.k.a. Mikey Smith, is born in Jamaica.

1971 Predator (Mark Anthony Henry) is born in Pink Lane, West Kingston, Jamaica.

September 15

1983 Michael Williams a.k.a. Prince Far I passes away.

He was shot dead, yet another victim of Kingston's regular street violence.

September 16

1980 Bob Marley & The Wailers' U.S. tour / Boston

September 17

1957 Leebert Lloyd Morrison aka Gibby (809; guitar) is born in Jamaica.

September 18

1995 Shaggy's album "Boombastic" [Virgin] is certified Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

September 19

1980 Bob Marley & The Wailers' U.S. tour / Madison Square Garden.

1997 Bob Marley & The Wailers' album "Natural Mystic" (Island) is certified Gold by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

September 20

1980 Bob Marley & The Wailers' U.S. tour / Madison Square Garden

2003 Pioneering Jamaican record producer Ken Khouri (Kenneth Lloyd Khouri) dies (age 86).

September 21

1942 U Roy (Ewart Beckford) is born in Jones Town, Jamaica.

1969 Johnny Nash and the Sons of The Jungle (the erstwhile Rabbit and The Jungles) appear with Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker and other top reggae stars at the Caribbean Music Festival in Wembley, England.

19XX Craigy-T (Craig Patrick Anthony Thompson) [T.O.K.] is born.

1980 Bob Marley falls down in the morning at Central Park, New York, USA.

Bob had jogging around the pond near Central Park South with Alan "Skilly" Cole.

1999 A Gun Court judge issues a bench warrant for the arrest of Echo Minott for failing to turn up to answer a charge of armed robbery.

September 22

1980 Bob Marley takes to a doctor, his brain tumor detected.

1989 Jimmy Cliff hops onstage with Bruce Springsteen at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park. The pair sing Cliff's "Trapped", which Springsteen had recorded for the "We Are The World" album.

September 23

1966 Junior Tucker (Leslie Tucker, Jr.) is born in Trenchtown, Kingston, Jamaica.

1969 Mackie Conscious (Dennis McKay) is born in the inner city of Clarke Street, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

1980 The last performance of Bob Marley at the Stanley, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Redemption Song" performed on this concert is in a boxset "Songs of Freedom".

September 24

1955 Winston George Bowen a.k.a. Bo Pee (809; guitar) is born in Jamaica.

1961 Singer Triston Palma is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1979 The Wailers hold a benefit concert in the National Heroes Arena, Jamaica.

1983 "Labour Of Love", a collection of classic songs given UB40 reggae treatments, hits U.K. #1 in its week of entry, and will stay on the chart for 18 months.

It is supported by a short film, similarly titled, directed by Bernard Rose together with latest band recruit, Brian Travers.

September 25

1977 Ras Ghandi (Duaine Bowen) is born.

September 26

1887 Emile Berliner of Washington, D.C., receives a patent for his invention of the lateral-cut, flat-disk "Gramophone", the world's first record player.

September 27

1953 Robbie Shakspeare is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1975 Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry" reaches No. 1 in U.K.

19XX Zumjay (Rohan Stephens) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

September 28

1942 Michael 'Bammie' Rose is born.

1957 Brigadier Jerry (Robert Russel) is born in Papine area of eastern Kingston Jamaica.

1993 UB40's album "Promises And Lies" [Virgin] is certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

1994 Bob Marley & The Wailers' boxset "Songs of Freedom" [Island] is certified Multi (2.0) Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

2010 Buju Banton's ninth studio album Before the Dawn is release in North America and Japan.

September 29

1962 Lieutenant Stitchie (Cleveland Laing) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

1974 DJ Mr. Vegas (Clifford Smith) is born in Kingston, Jamaica.

September 30

1952 Albert 'Ralph' Walker [Culture] is born in St. Catherine, Jamaica.

1964 Dress designer Biggy [Biggy's Exclusive Fashion Co., Ltd.] is born in Jones Town, Kingston, Jamaica.